Alema Consulting Unternehmensberatung in Berlin

Alema Consulting



Since 2012, we have been offering management consultancy in a wide range of business areas:



– Product and supplier search –


o   Product search

o   Global supplier search

o   Supplier management

o   Invitations to tender



– Calculations of all types –


o   Financial calculations

o   Loan calculator

o   Profitability calculator

o   Liquidity calculator

o   EKS form (income from self-employment)

o   Revenue surplus calculator

o   Profit/loss calculator

o   Calculations for short-term to long-term projects

o   Net/gross calculator for employees

o   Net/gross calculator for employers

o   Plus many more on request



– Business plans –


o   Establishing a new company

o   New projects

o   Getting a bank loan

o   Major purchases



– Starting your own business –


o   Support for business start-ups

o   Legal forms

o   Calculations

o   Preparation of business plans



– Presentations –


o   For customers

o   Sales and distribution

o   For investors



– Excel spreadsheets –


o   Organisation of business processes

o   Overview of your transactions

o   Coaching



– Market research –


o   Product research and analysis

o   Branch analysis

o   Market analysis

o   Marketing research

o   Analysis of competitors

o   Analysis of target groups

o   Site/location analysis



– Translations of all types –


o   German

o   English

o   Russian

o   Spanish

o   Other languages available on request



– Business and private correspondence –


o   Forms

o   Correspondence

o   Business correspondence

·      Queries

·      Complaints

·      Claims

·      Orders

·      Negotiations


Alema Consulting - Siemensstr. 13, 12247 Berlin - - Tel. 030 8562 9694 - Mob. 0170 3707021